High Heels: Price of Beauty

The Price of Beauty: 3 Reasons Why Women Choose Uncomfortable High Heels

They do it for fashion, a bargain, and to attract the opposite sex. Women go to great lengths, and unmeasurable pain, to complete their outfits with the perfect high heels. Here are the top three reasons why women choose fashion over comfort when it comes to high heels.

No matter how much independence women gain in the world, they will always dress to impress the opposite sex. Studies show that men prefer the uncomfortable stiletto high heels over less appealing shoes because of the design that gives women incredible height. Stilettos, however, are extremely painful and even pose a danger to women who stand to break their ankle if one of the shoes gets caught in a gutter. Still, even with the hazards and perils, women choose stiletto High Heels At Brand House Direct over others when going to work or special events. It seems that females are still concerned with making good physical impressions on their male counterparts.

Making a Statement
Beauty is pain. Many women forgo the comfort of orthopedic shoes for the pain of designer high heels that are not always made for wearing throughout the day. The latest designs are ideal for wearing to special occasions such as banquets and weddings. Such high heels, however, are not the best for long work days that require extended periods of standing. Even with such knowledge, women tend to purchase the latest styles, which have no arch and slippery soles that force your foot muscles to work harder for stability, to wear at work. The ideology behind such purchase is that the high heels make a financial and fashion statement.

For Bargain’s Sake
Every woman loves a bargain when it comes to shoes. Some women, however, are so anxious to save a dollar that they will sacrifice quality for quantity. Less expensive shoes are poorly crafted. The materials used to make the high heels provide little if any, support for the foot. Choosing high heels with underwhelming craftsmanship comes with future consequences as some women are forced to buy expensive orthopedic shoes in the future to correct problems caused by cheaper brands.

The best way for women to get the most out of their high heels is to select shoes that they genuinely like. Ladies should remember that men do not have to wear the stiletto high heels that they love so dearly and fashion trends change daily. There is no reason to jeopardize one’s posture and quality of life over high heels that do not fit comfortably; even if the shoes do come at discounted prices.

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