Brand House Direct Online Shop

Brand House Direct Online Shop

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Brand house Direct is a company that normally deals with accessories and footwear and has more than thirty years of involvement in the industry. Its purchasing team is constantly scouring all over the world getting only the best and competitive brands for the companies’ customers. Brand house direct has sold out more than forty-five brands and has a stock of over five thousand unsold stock which makes it an interesting online shopping stop for customers to purchase latest brands. This company mainly aims at providing customers with products that are a hundred percent authentic. They sell both male and female shoes.

Brand house direct provides security and a guarantee when shopping at this Australian founded and owned company, traceable and fast shipping of products from Australia at a fair cost and they assure safety and security when one is shopping. Brand house direct also offers a “no hassles” thirty-day period return policy and larger customer provision all through the shopping experience. For their customers in Australia, the products are normally shipped through the Australia post at the cost of close to thirteen dollars with an online tracker and once the item has arrived an email is sent to the buyer with his or her tracking number. For eighteen dollars only, one can get his or her unlimited items shipped within Australia via the Australian post-delivery with tracking. One can also secure a parcel locker in which all his items will be stored, a text message and email notification sent once the parcel arrives and he or she can pick them up later for up to forty-eight hours. Brand house direct also provides shipping services to international customers. The shipment period normally ranges from seven to twenty-five working days but can vary contingent to a customer’s location. Brand house direct provides online tracking to give the customer a piece of mind, and once the goods arrive, the customer normally receives an email which contains the tracking number. This company does not cater for any taxes or duties that are imposed on products when they are entering the client’s country.

If a person buys an item at Brand House Direct and the item is to their liking then that’s a plus for the company. If the item received is faulty, maybe of the wrong size or a person realizes he no longer needs the item, then he or she can report the product back. In this event, one can exchange the item for another of the same value, or if he has a PayPal account and doesn’t want an exchange, a refund can be made. The person can also pick an item of less value and be issued a store credit or pick an item of higher value and pay the extra cost.

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